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Role models
Travel Beyond’s concept of combining travel with support for charitable |projects is based on the idea of “sponsorships” – a cause that providers from the English-speaking |world have already been championing for many years.
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In the UK, Australia and the USA, a large number of charities have been offering sponsors and interested individuals the opportunity to visit their projects in person. People can choose from a number of sponsorship options, which include making a simple financial donation, visiting projects and paying travel costs that include a sizeable donation, or volunteering to work on local projects.

We looked at all of the options on offer and opted for what we saw as the best combination: unique holiday packages that allow participants to visit and help support selected local projects.

To make the expenditure and use of participants’ donations as transparent as possible, we clearly separate travel costs from donations and ask participants to transfer their contribution directly to the aid organisation. What’s more, by visiting a local project and meeting the people involved, you will be able to get a clear picture of where your donation is going and how your commitment is helping to make a difference.