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As well as covering the costs of the trip, each participant makes an |extra donation to the project he or she is visiting.
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© Simon Gurne

The minimum donation is usually between 5 and 10% of the overall cost of travel. You are also very welcome to donate more than this if you want.

To keep the donations process as transparent as possible, travel costs and financial contributions are clearly separated. Participants transfer their donation straight to the aid organisation and can request a receipt as required.

Travel Beyond then consults with the aid organisation to decide how the donations should be used, and makes sure that all contributions are channelled directly into the selected project in the target country. The German aid organisation guarantees that the donations will be used to fund sustainable activities that really make a difference.

Furthermore, we also aim to boost local populations’ income as much as possible by using services based in the target country. This means that every single one of our trips contributes towards strengthening the domestic economy as well as supporting a specific project. For example, we do our best to arrange accommodation in small hotels and privately-owned guesthouses rather than international hotel chains.