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Travel Beyond’s educational and activity holidays revolutionise the |concept of travel and help to meet our own and |others’ needs while making a real difference to human lives.

We respond to people’s love of adventure as well as their need to make a meaningful contribution towards improving quality of life in the countries they are visiting.

This is why we constantly strive to ensure that our holidays not only integrate and support a selected aid project, but also guarantee a trip of a lifetime. All of our participants make an additional donation to the local social or environmental project that they are visiting, thereby helping to sponsor the project as a whole.

To establish a close personal contact to the people on the ground, each of our holidays centres on an in-depth visit to the project in question. We are convinced that experiencing a project directly and in person is the best way to understand how other people live their daily lives. It is first-hand information and the opportunity to meet and interact with local people and their problems that gives us an insight into the current situation and how the funded project is making a difference.

Travel Beyond believes that different cultures can only meet on equal terms in small groups. This is why we have set a maximum limit of 15 participants per holiday.